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ATC Africa Reduces Fossil Fuel Dependency by 50 percent

Energy storage for telecom tower sites has historically been a costly and challenging hurdle to overcome. Polarium initiated a strategic partnership with American Tower Corporation in 2017 to enable the transition from diesel generators to lithium-ion battery technology as the source of reserve power across ATC’s Africa portfolio. By switching to Polarium’s innovative solutions, ATC Africa has since 2018 been able to reduce its scope 1 emissions and dependency on fossil fuels by more than 50 percent. As part of the collaboration, Polarium established a new factory in South Africa in 2022 to provide energy storage for use in Africa.

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Telia Company Optimizes Energy Usage

Technological developments and the need for sustainable transition are reshaping the role of energy storage. In a pilot project launched in January 2022, Telia is set to validate the commercial, technical, and economic value of smart battery solutions using Polarium’s batteries and energy optimization systems. Benefits for Telia and wider society will be explored, such as potential for optimized energy usage, lower electricity costs, new revenue streams from selling excess energy back to the grid and off-loading the electricity grid at times of power shortages. This would allow Telia to reinvent how networks conserve and consume energy.

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Areim Accelerates the Shift to Renewable Energy

Nordic property owner and fund management company Areim has entered a pilot project with Polarium to develop a smart energy storage solution for large-scale real-estate deployment. The system has been installed in one of Areim’s properties in Stockholm, Sweden, and will enable Areim to accelerate the transition to a more renewable energy system by adding energy storage capacity to the grid. The installation will be one of the largest in a commercial property in Sweden and make Areim an active participant in the energy market and able to utilize the latest technologies for energy optimization.

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