EV Charging Infrastructure

The Future of Road Transportation

Empowering Companies in the EV Charging Infrastructure Sector

Our customers build and manage EV charging infrastructure that provides sustainable energy for transportation.

With renewables and electric vehicles changing the way people live and travel, our intelligent and highly customizable energy storage solutions improve grid reliability, facilitate the deployment of clean energy, and help power a new generation of electric transportation businesses.

Our comprehensive solutions encompass a broad range of large-scale EV-applications, from tailored commercial and industrial solutions, to projects for municipalities and cooperatives.

By optimizing a fleet’s operation, significant operational savings are to be made and environmental impact reduced. Our modularized energy storage solutions ensure that your company’s EV fleet is charged and convenient for your customers.

Emission-free Mobility for your EV Customers

EV charging consisting of renewable energy and energy storage enables you to run operations independently, without having to worry about main power outages. By storing and charging your electrical vehicle fleet with energy from renewable sources, such as solar or wind, you enable emission-free mobility and sustainable transportation.

Reliable Transportation Infrastructure

No matter the vehicle, route, or distance, power supply is key. When it comes to EV charging, efficiency is critical, making it important to install a charging infrastructure that meets the energy demands of today and the future. Reliable energy will be of essence in the roll-out of autonomous vehicles as constant connectivity is crucial for everything to run smoothly.

Demand Optimization

By using innovative technology and smart systems, your energy storage solution can reduce power consumption from the grid during high-demand periods. Commercial and industrial facilities with EV charging can participate in demand response programs and earn incentives from your power provider.

Rapid Peak Shaving

Polarium’s energy storage solutions allow you to
• install multiple charging stations for electric vehicles with an unchanged connection capacity.
• charge larger vehicles with an unchanged connection capacity.
• charge faster with an unchanged connection capacity.
The power is distributed equally across all vehicles to be charged and prevent peak loads that result in higher demand charges.

Ready or Not, the Electric Vehicle World is Here

Charging stations that supply electrical power to plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise. Today, transportation is responsible for 24% of direct global CO2 emissions from fuel combustion. Decarbonizing energy systems is front and center of all major climate policy initiatives. The climate crisis has underscored the need for governments worldwide to urgently develop the solutions that can move the planet to a net-zero emissions economy. Electric mobility — including electric vehicles — will play a huge role in the transformation of the energy system. And EVs are a prerequisite for that transformation.

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NEWS: Kempower and Polarium to boost DC fast charging solutions with cutting-edge energy storage support

Polarium and Kempower, a pioneering company specializing in rapid DC charging solutions, announces partnership to boost EV fast charging solutions with cutting-edge energy storage support. The collaboration aims to address the pressing need for enhanced EV charging capabilities, particularly for larger vehicles, constrained by current grid limitations across Europe.

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Customer Case: Polarium and CTEK to Develop Energy Storage with Electrical Vehicle Charging

Polarium and CTEK launch a partnership to develop Energy Storage for EV Charging (ESEV). By combining energy storage solutions from Polarium and charging technology from CTEK the two companies aim to enable EV charging in more locations and for more individuals previously limited by grid capacity, space or cost.

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We Maximize Value Creation for our Customers through our Cutting-Edge Technology

Our energy storage solutions enable customers to; secure reserve power, reduce energy costs, create new revenue streams and establish energy independence.

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Polarium’s lithium batteries are of superior quality and made to stand the test of time. The modular battery solutions will adapt to your evolving needs and provide safe and sustainable energy. With our unparalleled combination of state-of-the art batteries and digital tools, we ensure the best energy solution for your company – today and tomorrow.

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