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Polarium is a leading energy storage developer. We make energy storage and optimization solutions built on lithium-ion battery technology for businesses within telecom, commercial, industrial and residential facilities across the world. Polarium was founded in 2015 on the conviction that safe, smart and sustainable energy storage solutions will be key to empower the transition to a truly, sustainable energy future. We are an impact business contributing to the sustainable energy transformation by enabling renewables, electrification and intermittent power supply. Our cutting-edge and easily adaptable modular battery technology enables us to be in the forefront of developing state-of-the art sustainable energy storage and optimization solutions for today – and tomorrow. Polarium is a fast growing, entrepreneurial company headquartered in Stockholm, with production in Mexico, South Africa and Vietnam, customers across the world from Ghana to Svalbard and 500+ employees. ​

About us

How we do business at Polarium

Polarium is executing on a strategy for maximizing impact and long-term shareholder value through maximizing financial performance, customer centricity, technology leadership and sustainability leadership. We have a strong global footprint with technology and manufacturing centers and sales offices across 4 continents serving our installed based across 75+ countries.

The Polarium Way is our guidelines on our way of working and the way we make decisions, ethically and thoughtfully, keeping in mind our values: We are one – empowered colleagues can accomplish powerful things together, which is why we work as one team to achieve our goals. We take charge – of our success through innovation, creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset. And we think big – to solve our customers’ most challenging issues in the most innovative ways guide the decisions we make.

We maximize value creation for our customers through our cutting-edge technology and a three-fold product offering of battery modules, battery energy storage systems and energy optimization systems as well as associated services. Our modular battery technology is easily adaptable for further growth regardless whether within larger utility scale, mid-size Commercial and Industrial or residential applications.

Our offering

Sustainability at Polarium​

Safe, smart and sustainable energy storage solutions will be key to empower the transition to a truly sustainable energy future. Polarium’s mission is to unlock endless energy. Our storage solutions maximize the potential of solar and wind installations, by turning renewable energy into a dispatchable asset and ultimately become more energy efficient.

​We contribute to the sustainable energy transformation and strive to integrate sustainability into the core of everything we do. We continuously work to minimize our negative impact and to maximize our positive impact on people and the planet throughout our value chain.

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Our Corporate Governance

Corporate governance serves to provide Polarium and its owners with system and structure for effective management and control of its operations, in combination with adequate transparency, clarity and business ethics.

Polarium Energy Systems AB is a Swedish, privately held, limited liability company that operates under Swedish law and applicable rules, standards, and policies.

Board of Directors

The Board’s responsibilities include but are not limited to; establishing goals and strategies, asses the financial performance and operational management, appointing the CEO and establishing necessary guidelines for the company’s conduct in society to ensure its long-term value creation capacity.

The Board’s work is regulated by the Swedish Companies Act and the Articles of Association. These rules govern the Board’s practice, functions and the division of duties between the directors and the CEO. The work of the Board follows an agenda that determines such matters as the dates for regular meetings.

Board of Directors

Executive Leadership Team

Polarium’s CEO is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company in accordance with the objectives and strategies set out by the Board of directors.

The CEO organizes the operations and appoints senior executives who make up Polarium’s Executive Leadership Team. Other members of the Executive Leadership Team support the CEO in his assignment. The CEO reports to the Board of directors on a regular basis on the performance of operations to expedite well-informed board decisions.

Executive Leadership Team

Eric Ekberg

Head of Investor Relations


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