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Polarium Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a scalable, intelligent product range developed by our leading battery experts. The complete system of lithium-ion batteries allows you to store renewable energy from different sources when produced and use it when needed. This provides much needed energy storage to enable energy security, the transition to renewables, and the electrification of society.

Battery Energy Storage System Explained

The Benefits

Polarium BESS is simple, safe, and smart all the way. The system is made of our high voltage lithium-ion batteries, Battery Management System to guarantee long battery life, UL9540A tested Propagation Protection System, and highly efficient inverters.

Due to its modular design, our system can be tailored to your needs and to different capacities. We offer both a complete turnkey BESS and the possibility to integrate our BESS into a larger system installation and to additional energy sources, such as solar and wind. In any case, we deliver a solution compliant with specific project demands and all required grid codes.

With Polarium BESS, you have full control of your system. Even at a distance. Our Fleet Management enables you to monitor, update and configure your BESS remotely.

The Components

Polarium BESS consists of our Battery Cabinets with a capacity of 140 kWh, Inverter Cabinets with one 75 kWA bi-directional inverter per Battery Cabinet, and AC-Interface Cabinets that house our Polarium Controller, switch gear with protection devices, contractors, AC fuses, optional rectifiers, and any site-specific equipment needed. All cabinets are fitted for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Polarium BESS is scalable from140 kWh and 75 kVA to 17,9 MWh and 9,6 MVA at a site.

Polarium Power Skid

A Turn-Key Mobility Solution for Faster Deployment

Polarium Power Skid is a pre-engineered, rigmounted energy storage system designed to meet the escalating power demands of our energy future. The turn-key solution provides fast deployment and scalability tailored to your needs. It is based on Polarium BESS or Polarium Battery Energy Optimization System.

Crafted on a robust steel frame and housed within a standard ISO 20-foot container footprint, Polarium Power Skid is designed for efficiency. Prewired and pre-configured, it cuts installation costs and delivery times, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. Onsite coordination and installation are minimized, as all equipment is installed, tested and ready for use upon delivery. With the capacity to accommodate up to 12 energy storage cabinets, boasting a maximum power capacity of 600kW, it’s a powerhouse in a compact form.

Beyond functionality, our system design prioritizes quality control, noise reduction, safety, and security, ensuring peace of mind at every level. Pre-assembly and testing conducted prior to leaving the factory streamline delivery, installation, and maintenance processes. Polarium Power Skid includes integrated wiring and cabinets, requiring only on-site connection of communication and AC lines. It can be swiftly relocated as per your evolving needs.

• Quality Control Testing
• Noice reduction
• Safety
• Security
• Aesthetics/branding
• Scalability

Our Services

Add our Operational Services to your Energy Optimization System, supporting you with solution engineering, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance and life cycle management. And add our anti-theft solution to protect, track and control your system, when at risk of theft. Making sure the system just keeps working, exactly where it should be.

Let Us Manage Your Energy

You no longer have to think about your energy costs or timing of energy usage. By adding our Energy Management System to your BESS, Polarium can operate your system and optimize your energy consumption. Automatically and without interruption.


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