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A sustainable energy future needs electrification and renewable energy

Unlock Endless Energy

Costly power interruptions and harmful fossil fuels belong in the past. There are substantial cost and carbon emission reductions to be made with energy storage. That’s where Polarium comes in.

We maximize value creation for our customers through our cutting-edge technology. Our energy storage solutions enable customers to; secure reserve power, reduce energy, create new revenue streams and establish energy independence.


Our lithium-powered backup and hybrid solutions enable you to focus on your core business, secure uptime and ensure your customers stay connected hassle-free.

High Energy Density Telecom Battery

Commercial and Industrial

Our modular energy storage solutions minimize the risk of costly interruptions to your customers’ busy schedules while reducing your energy costs and environmental footprint.

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EV Charging Infrastructure

Our customers build and manage EV charging infrastructure that provides sustainable energy for transportation. With renewables and electric vehicles changing the way people live and travel, our intelligent and highly customizable energy storage solutions improve grid reliability, facilitate the deployment of clean energy, and help power a new generation of electric transportation businesses.

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Polarium has joined forces with electricity company Tibber to launch a smart and user-friendly consumer battery – Homevolt.
Homevolt is the complete package: a high-quality consumer battery from Polarium, with all the brains from Tibber’s connected software that follows the market electricity prices hour by hour. Together, this makes for an unbeatable product that will revolutionize the energy storage market.


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