The world desperately needs a shift to clean and renewable energy. The old truth is that electricity from solar and wind can only be used when it is produced, not when it is needed the most. But with Polarium, that is no longer true. We are the missing link in the sustainable energy system.

Enabling Endless Energy

Energy storage and optimization solutions can balance the unpredictable energy from renewables. At full scale, this enables the transition to a 100 percent renewable electricity grid, while reducing electricity prices and ensuring access to energy even on cloudy days.

Polarium’s solutions are the enablers for a sustainable energy system. And we are determined to have a positive impact in the way we make that transition happen. To achieve this, we want to offer the best energy storage and optimization solutions, continuously drive our business to be more sustainable, and transition into a circular business model. Our engaged and motivated colleagues are the frontrunners in our work towards this. We always act responsibly, stand up for our values, and use our power to influence fair and ethical practices throughout our value chain.

Our Integrated
Sustainability Strategy

Polarium does not have a separate sustainability strategy. Rather, sustainability is at the core of our corporate strategy, with products and services that enable the transition to a sustainable energy system. We aim to make our business model and operations more sustainable and contribute to the advancements towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At Polarium, we strive to integrate sustainability into all business processes and into everything we do. We are working to minimize our negative impacts and to maximize our positive impacts on people and the planet throughout our value chain.

Our strategy is based on three sustainability priorities:


Redefining Responsibility

Empowering Everybody

Creating Circularity

Innovating for a Clean and Circular Business Model

To be able to claim that our solutions are sustainable, we need to make sure our whole value chain is sustainable. This includes working towards a circular business model with increased recyclability of our products and use of recycled materials. By focusing on innovations that will improve the performance of our products and by reducing emissions from production, we will create cleaner products and solutions.

We think big, not only in how we can enable the transition to renewables, but also in how we can be part of transforming the battery industry to clean and circular business models.

Redefining Responsibility

Using Our Power to Drive Sustainable Practices

We are determined to have a positive impact through the way we run our business. A global supply chain comes with increased challenges and opportunities, and we are dedicated to ensuring fair and ethical business practices throughout the entire value chain. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption, human rights breaches, and other malpractice. We take charge to act responsibly wherever we are.

Responsible practices

Empowering everybody

The Frontrunners of Our Journey

Empowered people accomplish powerful things together. As a fast-growing company in a diverse working environment, we put extra emphasis on working closely as one team. By doing so, we maintain our strong company culture – where geographies, cultures, divisions, and functions come together as one.

We know that engaged colleagues, who feel included and are empowered to challenge the status quo, will drive new ideas and create value for our customers and society as a whole. At Polarium, we are one.

Strategic Partnership
with ATC Africa

Polarium and American Tower Corporation has worked together since 2017 to enable the transition from diesel generators to lithium-ion battery technology as the source of reserve power across ATC’s Africa portfolio. By switching to Polarium’s innovative solutions, ATC Africa has since 2018 been able to reduce its scope 1 emissions and dependency on fossil fuels by more than 50 percent.

Our Commitments

Polarium supports international initiatives and guidelines that seek to align businesses with sustainable development. The starting point of our commitments is international norms and conventions regarding the environment, human rights, labor rights and anti-corruption. Polarium is a signatory of the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, the UN Global Compact. Polarium also supports and strives to adhere to other relevant international frameworks and applicable regulations, laws and frameworks.

Our commitments provide guidance for Polarium’s sustainability strategy and integration, and together with our values and our company culture, they create a transparent and common foundation for our corporate activities.

Sustainability Governance

Sustainability is a key element of Polarium’s corporate governance, promoted by the Board of Directors, the CEO and the Executive Leadership Team.

Selected Insights

Documents & Reports

Sustainability report 2021


Environmental Policy


Integrated Management System Policy


Supplier Code of Conduct


Polarium ISO 9001:2015


Polarium ISO 14001:2015


Polarium ISO 45001:2018



For any inquiries related to Polarium’s sustainability work please contact Karin Askelöf, Head of Sustainability, Polarium 

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