Storing renewable energy so that it can be used not only when produced, but when it is needed, is one of the greatest barriers to the clean energy transition. Energy storage is the missing link in the sustainable energy system.

Unlock Endless Energy

Our mission to unlock endless energy goes to the heart of our contribution to society and what we are doing to deliver it. Safe, smart and sustainable energy storage solutions will be key to empower the transition to a truly sustainable energy future. Polarium’s storage solutions maximize the potential of solar and wind installations, by turning renewable energy into a dispatchable asset and ultimately become more energy efficient.

We are an impact business contributing to the sustainable energy transformation and strive to integrate sustainability into the core of everything we do. We continuously work to minimize our negative impact and to maximize our positive impact on people and the planet throughout our value chain. We aim to make our business model and operations more sustainable and contribute to the advancements towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have also committed to setting near- and long-term company-wide emission reductions in line with science-based net-zero with the SBTi.


The Trends Shaping the Energy Landscape & Polarium’s Potential for Positive Impact

A low-carbon future

In the next 30 years, the world needs to move from 80% dependency on fossil-fuel to 90% renewables. With the expansion in energy storage options and multi-lateral government policies to support the transition to renewables, we hope to see a future where everyone is empowered to live in a low-carbon society.

Demand for energy storage

Large-scale renewable energy storage solutions are the linchpin in the green electricity transition. They could support the reduction of GHG emissions in the transport and power sectors, which are responsible for roughly 40% of global emissions.

Ending energy poverty

Renewable energy and energy storage in the context of off-grid solutions have the potential to end energy poverty, increase resilience to climate change and enhance economic development.e must ensure the shift is collective, ethical and empowers everyone, from affordability to improved access.

Enhanced efficiency

Progress in efficiency over the last six years has meant that growth in new and more efficient energy sources has more than halved, despite increasing global demand for energy. Rapid deployment of efficiency measures in industrial applications and buildings reduces energy consumption.

Growing investments

Investments in clean energy are on track to increase by over 50% compared to today. Although economic conditions may set back these predictions, worldwide funding for renewable energy looks set for exponential growth.

Polarium’s potential for positive impact

Contribute to energy transformation: Energy storage increases capabilities for renewable energy on and off the grid. Facilitate alternatives to diesel generators and more efficient use of electricity from the grid. Greater circularity through take-back systems and replacing lead batteries. Improving our efficiency and carbon footprint.

Customers are our Heartbeat

Customer insights help us stay at the forefront of innovation.

We maximize the value we create for customers through cutting-edge technology and a three-fold product offering: battery modules, battery energy storage systems and energy optimization systems as well as associated services. Although these product lines deliver value to customers in different ways, all our customers share the same need for energy stability and to reduce their energy costs and climate impact

  •  Telecom tower sites equipped with solar or wind power
  • Commercial buildings and industries seeking improved economics and energy independence
  • Geographical markets that incentivize renewable electricity and energy security
Breakthrough 2030

Powering Progress

Climate Action

Accelerate the transition to net zero along our value chain. Big Breakthrough target: Net zero in operations by 2026. To be announced in 2023.

Circular Solutions

Drive innovation and partnerships for circular solutions. Big Breakthrough target: To be announced in 2023

Empowering People

Equip our people to take charge of our journey. Big Breakthrough target: 50% of managerial positions held by women by 2026. To be announced in 2023.

Redefining Responsibility

Raise the bar on fair practices together with our business partners Big Breakthrough target: To be announced in 2023

Climate Action

Storing renewable energy is one of the biggest barriers to transitioning to zero-carbon electricity. We are here to break those barriers. Our solutions are built on lithium-ion batteries, which store energy at a smaller carbon footprint than their leadacid-based counterparts. But making these batteries still creates a material negative environmental impact. Customers at the heart of Breakthrough Polarium’spowerful contribution to tackling climate change is to provide solutions to help customers eliminate emissions. We catalyze their shift to renewables and away from diesel generators or a dependency on the electricity grid; some customers already use our solutions in this way today.

Circular Solutions

Circularity is embedded into our business and customer strategy, product design, resource use, and process to recycling and reuse. Circularity is deeply interconnected with climate action. Progress in one area benefits—and cannot be done at the expense of—the other.

Achieving a circular value chain is integral to Polarium’s values to meet customer demand and comply with fast-moving legislation towards a green battery industry.

Circularity challenges us to think boldly and take charge of how we design and manufacture our products, drive change in our value chain, rethink our business model and create value for our customers. By developing ways to close loops and create greater efficiencies within our processes and materials, Polarium intends to spearhead the transition to circularity within our industry, bringing partners, suppliers, and customers along on our journey.

Redefining Responsibility

We can only achieve a transparent and responsible business by actively raising the bar on performance in partnership with our colleagues, suppliers, and business partners.

We may be a small organization, but by working with others, we can use our voice and leverage our spending to instill sound and ethical practices across our value chain.

We are approaching this priority from two angles. Firstly, we are introducing and anchoring responsible business practices in our own organization, creating a sustainable supply chain, and protecting the rights of workers and local communities that may be affected by decisions made at every phase of our business. Secondly, we are creating the building blocks for greater transparency on the effects of our business on stakeholders.

Sustainable Sourcing Practices

Empowering People

Empowered colleagues accomplish great things together. With this mindset, our aspiration is to equip our teams to take charge of our Breakthrough journey. We are a multi-cultural company with ∼500 people worldwide. Living our values “We are one”, “We take charge”, and “We think big” inspires a culture of doers and is a linchpin for our success. We strive to put people first in everything we do. As a young, fast-growing, and culturally diverse organization operating on four continents, we are on a journey that is only just beginning. We consider diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) a resource that strengthens us and helps attract and retain the best people. We made progress in people engagement, leadership, unconscious bias, and health and safety. We are building a global approach by investing resources in developing and implementing policies and processes across these domains.

Strategic Partnership
with ATC Africa

Polarium and American Tower Corporation has worked together since 2017 to enable the transition from diesel generators to lithium-ion battery technology as the source of reserve power across ATC’s Africa portfolio. By switching to Polarium’s innovative solutions, ATC Africa has since 2018 been able to reduce its scope 1 emissions and dependency on fossil fuels by more than 50 percent.

Our Commitments

Polarium supports international initiatives and guidelines that seek to align businesses with sustainable development. The starting point of our commitments is international norms and conventions regarding the environment, human rights, labor rights and anti-corruption. Polarium is a signatory of the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, the UN Global Compact. Polarium also supports and strives to adhere to other relevant international frameworks and applicable regulations, laws and frameworks.

Our commitments provide guidance for Polarium’s sustainability strategy and integration, and together with our values and our company culture, they create a transparent and common foundation for our corporate activities.

We have also committed to setting near- and long-term company-wide emission reductions in line with science-based net-zero with the SBTi.

Sustainability Governance

Sustainability is a key element of Polarium’s corporate governance, promoted by the Board of Directors, the CEO and the Executive Leadership Team.

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For any inquiries related to Polarium’s sustainability work please contact Karin Askelöf, Head of Sustainability, Polarium 

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