The transition to a sustainable global future has begun

Things that previously seemed to be out of reach – international environmental cooperation and reliable, affordable and clean energy – are now possible. To limit a global average temperature increase to 1.5°C, the world needs to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Lithium battery technology and energy storage empowers this sustainable transformation.

Energy storage is the missing link in the renewable energy machinery. The challenge with renewable energy is that it comes from intermittent sources. Solar power is harnessed when the sun is shining, and wind power when it is windy – not necessarily when there is a peak in energy demand.

By storing energy when it is abundant, price-competitive and green, our customers can take the necessary steps away from fossil fuel and save money at the same time.

We are enabling endless energy.

Empowering a sustainable world

Polarium enables our customers to replace non-environmentally friendly lead-acid batteries and fossil fuels. Our most important impact towards a sustainable future is helping decrease our customers’ carbon footprint through our lithium-powered energy storage solutions.

We work with a lifecycle approach to our product portfolio, meaning that we continuously assess our environmental impacts at a product level, which help us detect and decrease any potential harm to the planet. We know that our products have more to offer even at their end-of-life; that is why they are fully recyclable.

All of Polarium’s solutions and products are made to have an extraordinary long lifetime and designed to stand the test of time. The energy turn-around losses from our batteries are only a few percentages, which is superior compared to other lithium batteries (normally up to 5%) and lead-acid (normally up to 30%).

We set industry standards by providing energy efficient and recyclable products.

Our goal is net-zero emissions

Global carbon emissions must be halved by 2030 to limit global warming and stay within a 1.5°C climate change scenario. At Polarium, we act strategically to stay within the threshold. For that reason, we are each year quantifying our emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol and working to develop ambitious reduction targets.

Throughout 2020, we have tracked and measured all our emissions, in order to have reliable and structured data as the baseline for future environmental work and improvements. We have strong internal expertise in how to reduce our environmental footprint and grow our business at the same time.

We strive to halve our direct emissions (Scope 1) and indirect emissions (Scope 2) by 2030, as defined by the GHG Protocol. To reach this target, we will improve our sustainability policies and set several strategies during 2021.

UN Global Compact

Polarium is committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. We incorporate the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into our strategies, policies and procedures, as well as establish a culture of integrity.

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Polarium supports Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand fights poverty with grassroot entrepreneurship. Their long-term goal is to eradicate poverty and empower women with education along the way. Over four million jobs created, and 14 million lives improved.

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Our standards & policies

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Integrated management system policy Quality and trust are prioritized at Polarium. We care for our coworkers’ and customers’ health and safety as well as the global climate. Our process and products are safe in every step of the way and we aim for a world with endless energy. Download ↓
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