Polarium Battery

Smarter, Stronger and Safer

The future of society needs to rely on energy systems that are as smart, strong, and safe as they are sustainable. This requires batteries that can do more than just store energy. Polarium Battery is our series of intelligent, connected, and robust batteries built on lithium-ion battery technology, with a proven track record from all around the world – turning uncertainty into predictability, preparing you for whatever the future may hold.

Polarium Battery Explained

Polarium Battery can be tailored to your needs. It has a modular architecture, based on common building blocks with standard mechanical sizes, capacities, and a Battery Management System (BMS).

Our products bring unprecedented safety levels. They are designed with five layers of safety, from mechanics to cells. Our BMS controls your battery to ensure that it functions safely, reliably, and efficiently. But not only. The BMS also includes intelligent features that allow you to analyze your battery, receive information about its state of charge and state of health, and manage it remotely.

Polarium Battery is easy to install, power up and operate. It gives you full control and needs no maintenance.

Polarium Battery
Low Voltage

Polarium offers a wide range of low voltage batteries with different capacities and both form factors of indoor rack mounted battery units and compact form factors of outdoor battery units. Polarium’s low voltage batteries contain our patented Current Limiting Device (CLD™) that controls charge current and enables automatic balancing of modules.

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Polarium Battery
High Voltage

Polarium’s high voltage batteries are developed for larger scale energy storage. They are based on the same modular architecture and safety principles as our field-proven low voltage batteries. Our high voltage battery string is scalable to a nameplate capacity between six modules in series (63kWh, 307V) and 17 modules in series (178kWh, 869V). Each battery module communicates with our BMS mounted on top of the string.

INSIGHT ARTICLE: The Polarium Battery Dictionary

Designed to demystify the technical jargon, our dictionary offers clear and concise definitions of key terms, components and technologies related to batteries. From the basic principles of cells to large-scale battery energy storage systems, this dictionary is a comprehensive guide for learning battery 101.

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Our Services

Our Operational Services can be added to your battery, supporting you with solution engineering, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, and life cycle management. If you want to take control of and protect your battery, add our Business Services. Our Fleet Management lets you monitor, update and configurate your battery remotely, and our Anti-Theft solution enables you to track and control your battery when at risk of theft. Making sure your battery just keeps working, exactly where it should be.

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