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Telecom battery

The telecom network of the future needs to be smarter, greener, and more cost-effective.

Battery Explained

Battery is our series of smart and sustainable lithium batteries, with a proven track record of powering hundreds of thousands of sites around the globe. Compared with lead, our lithium batteries have many benefits, such as half the volume, a quarter of the weight and five times the energy density of conventional batteries. This gives our batteries a longer service life, especially in cyclic environments. All Telecom Battery modules are built with cells from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Power backup systems for telecom have long been a challenging issue. Telecom batteries need to be frequently replaced, diesel is costly and pollutes the environment, and actual backup time and life expectancy is uncertain with batteries due to lack of intelligence. The telecom network of the future needs to be smarter, greener, and more cost-effective. Emergency call requirements and competitive environments are making ever greater demands in terms of availability.

Our standard Telecom Battery Indoor offering is optimized to easily replace VRLA batteries in standard telecom enclosures. Each module is a completely self-contained mechanical unit with lithium battery cells and a battery management system (BMS) for charging/discharging control, temperature, and voltage sensors as well as battery disconnect functionality.

Battery Indoor and Outdoor

Our Indoor solutions are designed for IP20 applications. Products range from 30 to 250Ah in a variety of sizes, mechanical formats, and cell chemistries. All batteries are built on our BMS solutions, mechanics, and qualified battery cells. Thoroughly verified and certified for the safest operational performance. Modbus interface for remote communication.

Our Outdoor solutions are designed for IP55/65 applications. Products range from 10 to 100Ah in various sizes, mechanical formats and cell chemistries. Our Outdoor batteries are designed to power communication equipment in tough outdoor applications. The units are made to be easy to buy, install and operate, and require no maintenance for a trouble-free operational life. Install, power-up and you’re ready to go!


The Battery series consist of four parts

  • Battery pack determining capacity and voltage
  • Battery management system (BMS) primarily for safety, but also including useful features for analytics and remote management
  • Charge control (Polarium patented CLD™ Current Limiting Device) which controls charge current without disconnecting the battery User Interface

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