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Generation 6 of Battery

Climate change, the massive growth of renewable energy and the increasing grid instability are reshaping the energy landscape. The future of society needs to rely on energy systems that are as smart, strong and safe as they are sustainable. This will require batteries that can do more than just store energy. This is where Generation 6 of Polarium Battery comes in – more innovative, connected and robust than ever before. Storing power from the forces of nature, while being prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Smarter, Stronger, Safer – Pushing the Technological Horizon

Intelligent Features for Simple Ownership

Our Generation 6 Battery contains innovative features that make it smarter than ever before. Because of its modular design, the battery can be tailored after your specific needs. It’s prepared to always be connected to Polarium Cloud, allowing you to monitor and update it with performance improving features. Through machine learning and AI, the battery will never cease to optimize itself. Because of the embedded connectivity in each battery, you can leverage collective intelligence of your entire battery fleet or add our anti-theft solution that protects the batteries from theft.

Robust Design for Environmental Protection

Generation 6 is our most robust battery to date. It just keeps working, even in the most extreme weathers and conditions, which also makes it easy to own. With its IP65 protection, the battery withstands a high degree of dust and moisture. The robust design includes an extruded aluminum profile, protected circuit breakers and connections as well as protected terminals. If that’s not enough, it also includes humidity and shock sensors for early detection of any kind of potential damage. This provides you with actionable data – enabling proactive measures to avoid downtime.

Exceptional Safety Standards

Safety is always a top priority for us. Generation 6 of our Battery brings unprecedented safety levels to every individual battery module. On every step of the way – during transportation, installation, and use. The BMS monitors and controls functions to ensure that they operate safely, reliably, and efficiently. Our battery contains a completely redundant safety system in its battery management system. It can sense and prevent thermal events. And it’s prepared for UL 9540A support, additional fire suppression systems, and liquid cooling technology.

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