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Developing and testing energy storage and optimization solutions for today
– and tomorrow

Get a Glimpse of our State-of-the-art Technology Center

Step into our meticulously crafted 2000-square-meter facility in Tomteboda, Stockholm. Here, Polarium engineers are tirelessly developing and testing energy storage and optimization solutions for today – and tomorrow. Innovation and technology leadership are the cornerstones of Polarium’s success. Our technology center includes state-of-the-art technical labs and prototype production, where the blueprint for the future of energy storage is etched.

Developing Next-Generation Energy Storage Systems

At Polarium X, our next-generation energy storage systems are being developed. The production arena hums with activity as our team assembles battery cells into modules, integrating them with cutting-edge electronics and software.

In the electronics and software lab the BMS (Battery Monitoring System) is developed and set through rigorous test programs to ensure quality and safety of the products. The qualification test lab contains equipment to do cell and battery testing, including environmental chambers, where we can run through performance testing at temperatures from -40 to + 60 degrees.

Polarium X Encompasses:

Development of electronics, power switching and software
– Development of large BESS (battery energy storage systems)
– Verification and validation of modules, products and systems

Qualification testing
– Labs for cell testing and qualification
– Equipment for module, product, and system qualification

Safe, Smart, and Sustainable Energy Storage Solutions

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. CO2 emissions need to decrease by half every decade until 2050 to reach net zero. Meanwhile energy security is essential as electricity consumption is expected to triple by 2050. The problem society face is that we need to move from 80% fossil dependencies to 90% renewables in 30 years. Energy storage is the missing link in the sustainable energy system. Polarium’s mission is to unlock endless energy.

The need for energy storage is global, as highlighted by Polarium’s customer base across the world from Ghana to Svalbard. The ability to set up and run large energy storage systems and create local electrical grids simulated to the environment the systems will be deployed in is crucial which is made possible at Polarium X’s energy storage systems lab. Guaranteeing safe, smart, and sustainable energy storage solutions is the DNA Polarium is founded on.

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