Polarium Energy Optimization System

The Future of Energy Is Here

Energy costs are increasingly determined by when energy is consumed. Not anymore. Polarium Energy Optimization System enables you to intelligently manage the timing of your energy usage, automatically and without interruptions. This reduces energy costs and creates new revenue streams, while maximizing the value of solar, wind and energy storage assets. The future of energy is here.

Energy Optimization
System Explained

The Benefits

Our turnkey, end-to-end Energy Optimization System identifies the optimal time to store and release energy and then manages your energy usage. This allows you to secure reserve power and reduce your energy bill by shifting loads to profitable hours and cut grid charges. You can even create new revenue streams by making capacity available to grid operators when needed to balance supply and demand.

Polarium Energy Optimization System can be integrated with solar panels or wind turbines, which enables you to not only generate your own energy but also store it and get a higher yield from it. With this, you can either become independent from the grid, or provide your excess capacity to the grid. Creating a reliable and predictable flow of intermittent energy sources, while accelerating the transition to renewables.

The Components

Our Energy Optimization System is built upon Polarium Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and our Energy Management System (EMS). The BESS consists of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and power conversion that allow you to store renewable energy from different sources when produced and use it when needed. The EMS is the interface between our BESS, its user, and the grid, providing full control and visibility of all components in our system and creating intelligent usage of energy.

Our Services

Add our Operational Services to your Energy Optimization System, supporting you with solution engineering, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance and life cycle management. And add our anti-theft solution to protect, track and control your system, when at risk of theft. Making sure the system just keeps working, exactly where it should be.

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