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Our intelligent lithium-powered energy storage gives you control over grid power use. It enables you reduce operating costs and optimize energy usage when needed the most. In the event of power outages, reliable backups prevent costly and potentially dangerous situations in industry production.

Pairing energy storage solutions with renewable sources such as solar or wind allows you to maximize sustainable production and store excess green energy when it is produced. A game-changer for the industries and ultimately for the environment. Secure a first-mover advantage and stay ahead of your competitors.

The industrial sector uses more delivered energy than any other end-use sector, consuming about half of the world’s total delivered energy. The production and assembly processes are highly energy demanding due to process heating and cooling as well as lighting, heating and air conditioning of large buildings. With high demand costs, industrial facilities are prime candidates for energy storage to reduce demand, improve power factor, and reduce operating costs.

Manufacturers are facing higher energy costs in the near future, as new decarbonized industry standards and government demands are set. In a competitive industry, manufacturers ultimately pass through the full cost increase to suppliers and end-customers. Energy storage solutions let you balance the supply and demand of electricity without having to compromise on process, product or the end-customer’s price.

Unconditional Energy Stability

We support customers ranging from telecom operators with tower sites, large-scale manufacturing plants, to the local supermarket with one common challenge: unconditional energy stability, at a reduced energy cost and reduced climate impact.

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High Energy Density Telecom Battery

We Maximize Value Creation for our Customers through our Cutting-Edge Technology

Our energy storage solutions enable customers to; secure reserve power, reduce energy costs, create new revenue streams and establish energy independence.

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Cutting-Edge Patented Technology

Polarium’s lithium batteries are of superior quality and made to stand the test of time. The modular battery solutions will adapt to your evolving needs and provide safe and sustainable energy. With our unparalleled combination of state-of-the art batteries and digital tools, we ensure the best energy solution for your company – today and tomorrow.

Our Technology

Light Industry Customer Case

Polarium installs smart Energy Optimization Systems at two facilities in Sweden: one for Lindberg & Son, specializing in recycling of metals, and Grönlunds Plåt, a thin sheet metals specialist. With these installations, Polarium expands within the light industrial segment.

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