Our Locations


HQ and R&D

Visiting and postal address:
Polarium Energy Solutions AB
Solnavägen 3H (6th floor)
113 63 Stockholm, Sweden

Delivery address:
Polarium Energy Solutions AB
Norrbackagatan 96
113 63 Stockholm

Polarium X – R&D Lab and Technology Center
Visitor- and postal address:
Polarium Energy Solutions AB
Terminalvägen 14
171 73 Solna

Goods delivery address:
Polarium Energy Solutions AB
Terminalvägen 10B
171 73 Solna

Polarium X2 – Production Site
Terminalvägen 4

171 73 Solna

R&D Offices:

Kolmilevägen 4, 572 36 Oskarshamn, Sweden
Bjälkvägen 13, 856 41 Sundsvall, Sweden

Phone: +46 8-545 440 00


Sales Office

8369 Southpark Lane, Suite A,
Littleton, CO 80120
Phone: +1 (855) 376-5274

South Africa

Production and Sales Office 

Site manager: Etienne Gerber
Erf 36530, 9 Prime Park, 17 Printers Way
Marconi Beam, Milnerton, Cape Town, Post Code: 7447


Production and Sales office

Site manager: Rickard Kreutz

Polarium Vietnam Company Limited
Factory at W3A, W2B, W2C Land Plot CN4.2B, CN4.2B1, CN4.2B2, CN4.2B3A,
Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, Dong Hai 2 Ward, Hai An District. Hai Phong City, Vietnam


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