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Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. CO2 emissions need to decrease by half every decade until 2050 in order to reach net zero. We need to move from 80% fossil dependencies to 90% renewables in 30 years. Storing renewable energy so that it can be used not only when produced, but when it is needed, is one of the greatest barriers to the clean energy transition. Energy storage is the missing link in the sustainable energy system. Our mission is to unlock endless energy


We Maximize Value Creation
for our Customers

We maximize value creation for our customers through our cutting-edge technology. Our energy storage solutions enable customers to; secure reserve power by maintaining uptime and avoiding blackouts. Reduce energy costs by avoiding price peaks. Create new revenue streams through participation in the frequency regulation market. And establish energy independence by maximizing the opportunity of renewable production such as solar panels to go off-grid. As a front-runner we continue to invest in cutting edge technology out of our newly inaugurated R&D center to ensure we continue to re-shape the role of energy storage and empower the transition to a sustainable future.

Our offering


Energy Stability

We support customers ranging from telecom operators with tower sites, large-scale manufacturing plants, to the local supermarket with one common challenge: unconditional energy stability, at a reduced energy cost and reduced climate impact.

Our impact stories


Solutions for Today
– and Tomorrow

We are an impact business contributing to the sustainable energy transformation by enabling renewables, electrification and intermittent power supply. Our cutting-edge and easily adaptable modular battery technology enables us to be in the forefront of developing state-of-the-art sustainable energy storage and optimization solutions for today – and tomorrow.

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INSIGHT ARTICLE: What is electrification and why does it matter?

Encompassing a new view on how we power our homes, vehicles and entire industries, electrification represents more than a strategy to combat climate change – it is rather a necessity. But what exactly does this process entail? How far have we come in terms of electrification, and what challenges remain on the path towards a more sustainable energy future?

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A Sustainable Energy Future

We make energy storage and optimization solutions built on lithium-ion battery technology. Our safe, smart and sustainable energy storage solutions will be key to empower the transition to a truly, sustainable energy future.

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