Cutting-edge and Easily Adaptable Modular Battery Technology

Polarium’s lithium batteries are of superior quality and made to stand the test of time. The modular battery solutions will adapt to your evolving needs and provide safe and sustainable energy. With our unparalleled combination of state-of-the art batteries and digital tools, we ensure the best energy solution for your company – today and tomorrow.

Battery Technology

Can a battery think? We think so. Not in the classic sense, perhaps. But fitted with our advanced Battery Management System and its embedded intelligence for lithium-ion batteries, our batteries can take a variety of important decisions. Being aware of your battery’s status enables you to optimize its usage, saving you time and money.

Battery Management System

Our Battery Management System (BMS) monitors and controls battery functions to ensure that the battery unit operates in a safe, reliable, and efficient way. But not only. Using the BMS to collect information, we can develop smart add-ons with updated functionality. Creating intelligent batteries.

Embedded intelligence

Thanks to the embedded intelligence of the lithium batteries and the remote management system, you will always know their state of charge and health. And by connecting batteries, we build new smart services, enabling increased control to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Multiple layers of safety

Our products are designed to ensure self-supporting safety in every layer, from cell to mechanics, individual batteries and complete systems. Providing maximal safety. On its own. To these state-of-the-art products we have added intelligent systems, that provide a safer user experience.

Current Limiting Device

Polarium’s patented Current Limiting Device (CLD) provides key functionality to the battery’s safety, as well as optimizes the charging of the battery. The CLD prevents dangerous overcharging of cells by close monitoring and limiting of charging voltage to cells irrespective of external voltage levels.

Digital Technology

Polarium solutions are developed to enable the smart features of tomorrow already today. Reshaping the role of energy storage and driving development.

Polarium Cloud

Polarium Cloud is the brains of our connected solutions. It enables remote monitoring and continuous updates of performance-improving features. But that’s not all. It’s also the home of our smart services, such as our location-based anti-theft protection, fleet management or a complete system for Energy Optimization.

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Edge Connectivity

Monitoring, optimizing, and maximizing the value of your energy storage assets could require massive amounts of data to be sent and processed in the cloud. But with edge connectivity, we add local compute power right on site, ensuring that response times to optimize the asset is minimized, and that only the required data gets sent for processing in the cloud. This gives you unprecedented command and control over your assets, making sure the flow of energy – and data – never stops.


Energy assets are vital to keep our world up and running. Polarium minimizes exposed areas for a third party to gain access to our devices by deploying a wide array of encryption, monitoring and defensive development processes. We ensure that the data is encrypted both in storage and while in transit to the cloud, utilizing end-to-end-encryption for all our data.

Polarium uses some of the leading cyber security frameworks and partner up with external consultants to continuously perform both architectural audits and process audits to ensure that we have the highest possible security for our solutions. Giving you peace of mind.

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Polarium’s lithium batteries have many benefits compared to lead-acid batteries: half of the volume, a quarter of the weight and five times the energy density. This gives our batteries a longer service life, especially in cyclic environments. Our batteries also record energy turn-around losses that are not only an order of magnitude lower than lead-acid batteries, but also industry-leading for lithium batteries.

Lithium battery cells can be made of different chemistries: nickel-based or iron-based. The nickel-based cell chemistry is more energy dense, considered to have a greater cycle life and a lower self-discharge rate than the iron-based cell chemistry. Iron-based cells are less expensive than nickel-based cells but can perform very well in the appropriate conditions despite its lower energy density and cycle life.

Polarium has both nickel manganese cobalt cells and lithium iron phosphate cells available in our product portfolio.

Nickel manganese cobalt (NMC)

NMC batteries can be optimized for energy, power, or cycle life applications, depending on requirements. Due to their high cycle life, nickel-based cells provide the lowest total cost of ownership of all lithium-ion battery chemistries.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)

Iron-based chemistries, most commonly LFP, is characterized by generally low initial capital cost, high intrinsic safety, and the use of readily available iron instead of the rare metals used in the other positive electrode materials. On the downside, they have lower energy density and operating voltage as well as higher self-discharge.

Ever evolving cutting-edge technology

Amongst Polarium’s competitive advantages is that our batteries are agnostic to chemistry. The current set-up today is based on Lithium-Ion. Nevertheless, we are continuing to push boundaries with our cutting-edge technology including new chemistry components that are further down the road such as sodium-ion and solid-state.


Polarium partners with Altris to explore sodium-ion battery technology in its energy storage solutions

Polarium and sodium-ion battery developer Altris will collaborate to develop and demonstrate an energy storage solution based on sodium-ion batteries.

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Our Superpowers

Polarium uses cutting-edge technology to develop market-leading products. And we always use our superpowers to push the technological boundaries forward. All our products are safe, simple, smart, sustainable, strong, and secure.

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