Our Superpowers

Polarium uses cutting-edge technology to develop market-leading products. And we always use our superpowers to push the technological boundaries forward. All our products are safe, simple, smart, sustainable, strong, and secure.


Our first priority is, and will always be, safety. Our products are developed with your safety in mind – thoroughly verified and certified for safe operation. The batteries are protected during transportation, installation and use – even in the toughest of conditions. Polarium is safe every step of the way.


Thanks to the embedded intelligence of our lithium batteries and our remote management system, you will always know their state of charge and health. It also allows you to control, plan and optimize your energy consumption, all while reducing your environmental impact. Our batteries are prepared to be connected to Polarium Cloud, allowing you monitor and update them with performance improving features.


Our products are designed to have an exceptionally long lifetime and with circularity in mind. Our lithium batteries are fully recyclable and meet all the RoHS, WEEE and REACH requirements. Energy turn-around losses normally amount to only a few percentage points, which is better than other lithium batteries (which record turn-around losses up to five percent) and lead-acid batteries (up to thirty percent).


In a few simple steps you are good to go. Our products are easy to install and require zero maintenance. They are plug-and-play compatible with existing power systems due to our patented charge control function. Configuration and testing are automatic. Polarium make advanced technology easy to use.


Our products are strong, robust and of superior quality. They keep working, in the most extreme conditions and environments. The robust design includes optional ingress protection of the electronics. And our wide range of lithium cell chemistries targeting different site conditions make our offering stronger than any other alternative on the market.


You can feel secure, knowing that your Polarium solution is protected. In many parts of the world, lead acid batteries are stolen for scrap metal, private use or resell. Our lithium battery modules eliminate the first two reasons for theft. And to make resell unattractive, our batteries contain anti-theft features and are prepared for an optional GPS tracker.

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