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We maximize value creation for our customers through our cutting-edge technology. Our modular battery technology is easily adaptable for further growth regardless whether within larger utility scale, mid-size Commercial and Industrial or Residential applications. We continuously develop and perfect our fully integrated hardware, software and services including end-of-life services. We re-shape the role of energy storage and empower the transition to a sustainable future.

Secure Reserve Power

Protect your business from unreliable power supply caused by blackouts or planned shutdowns. Our energy storage solutions built on lithium-ion batteries enable you to secure critical reserve power – with a more attractive CO2 footprint, total cost of ownership, lifetime, and energy density compared to alternatives such as diesel generators or lead-acid batteries.

Reduce Energy Costs

Polarium’s energy storage solutions enable you to cut your energy costs by charging your batteries when prices are low and use the stored power when prices are high. This way, you avoid spikes in energy prices, reduce grid charges on your bill and prevent costly fuse upgrades.

Create New Revenue Streams

Using our energy storage solutions, you can create completely new revenue streams, by supporting the grid with ancillary services or other demand response programs. Get paid for making capacity available when needed, and let your solution automatically operate to balance supply and demand.

Establish Energy Independence

Renewable energy production from solar and wind goes well with Polarium’s solutions, allowing you to store excess energy in our batteries for later use or sell it to the grid. This way, you can increase the value of your renewable energy production. It also creates unconditional reliability and predictability of intermittent energy sources – and can even make you independent from the grid.

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