Charging the Change: Why Investing in EV Infrastructure Can't Wait

5th June, 2024

As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution gains momentum, the need for reliable and efficient transportation infrastructure becomes critical. Polarium, known for its cutting-edge energy storage solutions, is at the forefront of this transformation. Our innovative technologies not only enhance the efficiency of EV charging stations but also support the integration of renewable energy sources. In this interview, Håkan Tezcanli, part of Polarium’s European sales organization, discusses our role in transforming the EV charging ecosystem and our vision for a greener future.

What are the primary challenges in transitioning to an electric transportation network?
“The transition to an electric transportation network presents several major challenges. One of the major issues is that the existing power grid often lacks the capacity to support the increasing demand from multiple electric vehicles (EVs) charging simultaneously”, says Håkan Tezcanli.

As the adoption of EVs grows, the strain on the grid becomes more pronounced, especially during peak hours when electricity prices are at their highest. Additionally, expanding the grid infrastructure to accommodate this demand can take up to two years, creating a bottleneck for EV adoption.

“Another important challenge is the uneven development of charging infrastructure, particularly in regions with unstable power grids such as Southern Europe”, Håkan Tezcanli continues.

These areas face difficulties in ensuring reliable power delivery, making the deployment of efficient and robust charging stations more complex. Lastly, there is public skepticism regarding the sustainability of electric vehicles, especially concerning the sources of electricity used for charging. Ensuring that the power comes from renewable sources is an additional complexity that needs addressing.

 In what ways do Polarium’s energy storage solutions enhance EV infrastructure?
“Polarium plays a crucial role in enhancing EV infrastructure through our innovative energy storage solutions. One key feature of Polarium’s offerings is grid reliability”, says Håkan Tezcanli.

Polarium Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) ensure a constant power supply to EV chargers, even during peak demand periods, by supplementing the grid power. This not only stabilizes the grid but also ensures that multiple vehicles can be charged simultaneously without overloading the system.

Another key element is the “Power Boost” function. This technology allows for faster and more efficient charging by using stored energy from the BESS to support the grid during high demand. This means that even when the grid is under strain, the power boost ensures that all connected vehicles receive the necessary power for charging, reducing wait times and improving overall efficiency.

Polarium also incorporates demand response capabilities in our solutions. This involves intelligent communication between the chargers and the batteries to optimize charging times.

“For instance, the system can charge batteries during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper and then use this stored energy during peak times”, Håkan Tezcanli continues.

This approach not only reduces costs but also alleviates pressure on the grid, making the entire charging process more economical and sustainable.

How does Polarium’s latest partnership enhance your market offering in the EV market?
“Our latest partnership with Kempower significantly enhances our market offering by providing a comprehensive solution that combines Kempower’s rapid DC chargers with Polarium’s advanced battery storage systems”, says Håkan Tezcanli.

Kempower, offering expertise in DC fast chargers, frequently encounters customers who need both charging stations and battery storage solutions to manage grid limitations and improve charging efficiency.

By partnering with Polarium, Kempower can now offer an integrated solution that includes our high-performance batteries to support their chargers. This synergy ensures that customers receive a seamless and efficient charging experience, even in locations with limited grid capacity.

“This collaboration allows us to meet the growing demand for robust and reliable EV charging infrastructure more effectively”, Håkan Tezcanli emphasizes.

Market projections indicate a significant opportunity with 50 million EVs in Europe and 40 million in North America by 2030.[1] This growth is driven by commercial fleets, emphasizing the need for efficient, scalable solutions. The combined strengths of Polarium and Kempower position them well to capitalize on this demand, ensuring a robust and reliable EV charging infrastructure.

What is Polarium’s vision for the future of EV charging, and how do you plan to achieve it?
“Polarium envisions a future where electric vehicle charging is seamless, efficient, and sustainable, regardless of geographical or infrastructural challenges. To achieve this, we are committed to continuous innovation and strategic partnerships that drive the development of advanced energy storage solutions”, says Håkan Tezcanli.

Looking ahead, Polarium plans to expand our presence in regions with less stable power grids, such as Southern Europe, where our battery solutions can significantly enhance grid reliability. By providing reliable energy storage systems, Polarium can help these regions overcome the limitations of their existing infrastructure, ensuring that EV charging remains efficient and accessible.

[1] Kempower

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