Polarium and Telia Company Launch Pilot Project to Develop Energy Optimization

27th January, 2022

Technological developments and the need for a sustainable transition are reshaping the role of energy storage. In a newly launched pilot project, Polarium’s smart battery solutions will be used by Telia to optimize its network energy usage and contribute to balance the electricity grid.

In the pilot project, the two companies aim to develop an energy optimization system to reinvent energy. By optimizing its network energy usage Telia will strengthen its energy infrastructure and enable it to contribute to balancing the electricity grid.

Energy storage for telecom network sites has traditionally been an underutilized asset used exclusively for backup during power outages. But over the last decade, rapid technological accomplishments have accelerated the development of new applications for energy optimization – such as electricity peak-shaving, using battery capacity when demand and prices for grid supply is high, thereby off-loading the grid.

By buying electricity at times of high supply and eventually feeding back excess power to help stabilize the grid, the smart energy storage and energy optimization systems aim to enable Telia Company’s active participation in the energy market, consuming as well as feeding energy back to the grid.

“We look forward to running this pilot with Telia, as they take important steps towards reshaping the role of energy storage and reshaping energy in the telecom sector. At Polarium, we are proud to support Telia in their endeavor to help stabilize energy grids – while cutting costs.” says Stefan Jansson, founder and CEO of Polarium.

The pilot, which started in January 2022, will comprise two network sites in Sweden and is set to validate the commercial, technological, and economic value of intelligent energy storage based on lithium-ion technology.

“Sustainability and resilience is at the core of our strategy. We are set to reinvent how networks conserve and consume energy where the partnership with Polarium is a way to further explore how we can leverage our infrastructure assets. Telia’s extensive footprint, with fixed and mobile sites distributed over large geographical areas, is well suited for a scale-up of smart battery energy storage systems, and we are excited to do the pilots and explore this potential.” says Allison Kirkby, President and CEO of Telia Company.

About Polarium
Polarium provides energy storage solutions built on lithium-ion technology for the telecom, commercial, and industrial segments. Polarium’s headquarters and R&D center are situated in Sweden, with manufacturing in Mexico and Vietnam. Polarium serves customers worldwide through its global sales channels and presence in Indonesia, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, the UK, and the US. Today, our market-leading solutions are in use on all continents and all climate zones – from the Equator to the Arctic – ensuring that the flow of energy never stops, while enabling our customers to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

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