Our Battery with the Highest Energy Density to Date

High Energy Density Telecom Battery

Meet 23” 2U 200Ah Battery

Meet the 23” 2U 200Ah Battery, our new product built on lithium-ion battery technology and designed for the telecom networks of the future. The battery has the highest energy density of any of our products to date, making it small related to its capacity. With the roll-out of 5G, telecom networks will consist of more and more cell sites in city environments, making our new battery the product of choice for telcos and tower companies seeking to decrease their cost per square meter.

The new product is the result of extensive research and development. No compromises have been made on performance. Rather, the battery incorporates crucial thermal cooling and propagation safety innovations. It is also designed to fit into the current battery rack infrastructure, simplifying your transition to the new product.

High Energy Density at Low Total Cost of Ownership

We are determined to drive innovation in energy storage built on lithium battery technology. Now we are launching a new product with the highest energy density to date.

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We’re constantly improving our products, to find new and innovative ways to solve your pain points.

– Tobias Söderlund, Chief Product Officer Polarium

Product Description: 23” 2U 200Ah Battery

The 23” 2U 200Ah Battery can be used for both backup and hybrid applications, keeping your network up- and-running irrespective of energy sources used. Thanks to its embedded intelligence, the battery gives you peace of mind in the face of disruption to the power grid such as peak loads or periodic brownouts.

  • Rated capacity 200Ah
  • Compact design W544 D725 H87 (W21.4″ D28.5″ H3.4″)
  • Lithium chemistry Nickel Based
  • Rated voltage 48V
  • IP class IP20
  • Circuit breaker Dual pole
  • Weight 53kg (116.8lbs)

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