High Energy Density at Low Total Cost of Ownership with Polarium’s New Energy Storage Solution

21st April, 2021

Polarium is determined to drive innovation in energy storage built on lithium battery technology. Now, the company is launching a new product with the highest energy density to date.

The telecom network of the future needs to be smarter, greener, and more cost-effective. With the rollout of 5G, millions of new nodes will be added to the already expanding network. More cell sites will be needed in city environments, as high frequency 5G can carry more data at gigabit-plus speeds at the expense of coverage and signal penetration. And more critical systems and applications will depend on always-on connectivity. This connected world needs great energy storage solutions.

The fast-growing Swedish company Polarium is determined to drive the transition from diesel or lead to lithium-powered energy storage in telecom tower sites around the globe. To achieve this, innovation is key.

Polarium is now launching a new energy storage solution built on lithium battery technology with the highest energy density of any of the company’s products to date. No compromises have been made on performance. Rather, the new solution incorporates crucial thermal cooling and propagation safety innovations. It is also designed to fit into the current battery rack infrastructure, simplifying the transition to Polarium’s energy storage system.

“The telecom networks of the future will consist of more and more cell sites in city environments.  Due to its high energy density, our new product is small related to its capacity. This is a great advantage for telcos and tower companies that want to decrease their cost per square meter,” says Tobias Söderlund, Chief Product Officer at Polarium.

At the same time, high energy density opens new ways of using battery capacity. Energy storage for tower sites has traditionally been an underutilized asset used exclusively for backup time during power outages. Polarium’s energy storage solutions can also be used for peak shaving, which improves the business case considerably.

“The intelligent lithium batteries in our energy storage can charge whenever electricity rates are at their lowest, and discharge during the most expensive times of the day. By doing so, we enable our customers to further lower their total cost of ownership,” Söderlund adds.

By offering the best performing, safe, and sustainable energy storage solutions, Polarium enables its customers to cut costs and carbon emissions. This, in turn, drives the transition to a smart, green, and cost-effective future telecom network with always-on connectivity.

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