Our Green Product Range

Pure Energy From The North

Polarium is on a mission to create the best energy storage solutions in the world. We are now launching our Green product range, which contains energy storage built on fully recyclable lithium-ion battery cells whose manufacturing is 100 percent powered by renewable energy.

Our most important contribution to a greener world is that we enable telecom operators and tower companies to switch from lead-acid or diesel generators as backup capacity, to lithium. Until now, two thirds of the carbon dioxide footprint from our lithium-powered energy storage solutions is related to the battery cells. By using lithium-ion battery cells that is solely manufactured with renewable energy, we are now offering a product range with the greenest energy storage solutions to date. Making it an even better option for our customers in within telecom that need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs.

Our Green Product Range

Green is our product range consisting of excellent energy storage solutions with low carbon footprint. The products are built lithium-ion battery cells whose manufacturing is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.
Our high-quality, long-lasting and recyclable energy storage solutions last up to 20 years or 6,000 cycles. But we know that our products have more to offer, even at their end of their service lives, which is why we make them fully recyclable.

A More Sustainable Telecom Industry

Polarium has initiated long-term partnerships with suppliers that develop green lithium-ion battery cells. The move will make Polarium the first company in the world to offer energy storage for telecom networks built on green battery cells.

Our Technology

Our technology lets you focus on your core business and save money – helping to save our planet at the same time.

We are driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology. Our R&D team in Sweden focuses on activities ranging from research and innovation to product development and maintenance, resulting in advanced technology made easy to use.

  • Safe

    Our top priority is – and always will be – safety. All our products are designed with your safety in mind - thoroughly verified and certified for safe operation. We have a completely redundant safety system in our BMS, including electronically controlled circuit breakers, and thorough control in the design and manufacturing of every system component. We also have advanced solutions for propagation prevention. The batteries are protected during transportation, installation, and use, even in the toughest conditions. Polarium is safe every step of the way.

  • Simple

    In a few simple steps, you’re good to go. Advanced technology made super-easy to use, giving you complete control. Easy installation and zero maintenance – just connect the cables and turn it on. Our products are plug-and-play compatible with existing power systems due to our patented charge control function. Configuration and testing are automatic. Polarium’s solutions are designed to support a wide range of deployment configurations and integration partners, with low and high voltage battery systems.

  • Strong

    We have installations in more than 50 countries, from the Equator to the Arctic. Our products are strong, robust, and of superior quality with a guarantee to provide a long-lasting life. They just keep working, even in the most extreme conditions and environments. The robust design includes optional ingress protection of the electronics. A wide range of lithium cell chemistries targeting different site conditions make our offering stronger than any other alternative on the market.

  • Smart

    Due to the embedded intelligence of our lithium batteries, you always know the state of charge, (available capacity in real time), and the state of health, (available life for optimal planning and usage). With its remote management system, our lithium power backup solution is maintenance-free and gives you full control. You can also manage your on-site climate control system based on the internal temperature of your lithium batteries or you can shut down non-prioritized loads. With the smart information already embedded in your lithium batteries you can control, plan, reduce costs, and reduce environmental impact.

  • Secure

    You can feel secure, knowing that your Polarium solution is protected. In many parts of the world, lead-acid batteries are stolen for scrap metal, private use, or re-sale. Polarium’s lithium battery modules eliminate the first two reasons for theft. To make re-sale unattractive, we have developed multiple anti-theft features for our batteries, which prevent discharge of battery modules if removed from installations. In addition, our batteries are prepared for our optional GPS tracker and marking options for recovery in case of theft.

  • Sustainable

    Polarium’s lithium batteries are fully recyclable and meet all RoHS, WEEE and REACH requirements. Energy turn-around losses typically amount to only a few percent points, which is better than other lithium batteries, (which normally record turn-around losses of up to 5%), and lead-acid batteries, (normally up to 30%). All our solutions and products are designed to have exceptionally long lifetime. Our low carbon manufacturing and installation, efficient operations, and the fact that our products are recyclable – all contributes to a circular business model.

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