Polarium Fleet Management

Remote Control Throughout the Entire Battery Lifecycle

From Smart Individual Batteries to Connected Fleets Saving You Time and Money

The role of energy storage built on lithium battery technology is evolving fast. From solely being a backup safety measure, to also creating a system for optimizing energy usage. This enables our customers to secure reserve power, reduce energy costs and create new revenue streams through ancillary services – supporting gridsto balance supply and demand.

Polarium Fleet Management allows you to connect your batteries and monitor, control and optimize performance across your entire battery fleet. The system’s user-friendly interface enables monitoring, updates and troubleshooting of your batteries and their firmware.

By collecting and utilizing data from your batteries about their performance, Polarium Fleet Management offers predictive and preventive management by intelligently detecting problems before they occur. This enables full control and visibility throughout the entire battery lifecycle – saving you time and money.

Performance Monitoring

With Polarium Fleet Management, it is possible to connect and remotely monitor several key indicators both for the site and for each battery, for instance, state of charge and number of cycles. Using battery data, the system detects potential risks and provides advice on how to improve your battery usage, to create better battery health, prolong battery life, and reduce costs.

Firmware Update Over the Air & Alarm Monitoring

With our user-friendly interface, you can remotely distribute new firmware and monitor each battery’s firmware version and update status. This enables you to activate new features and updates or reconfigure your batteries without time- consuming site visits.

By immediately notifying you when an error, or the likelihood of an error, is detected on site, the system supports quick and efficient remediation. In a user-friendly overview of ongoing and historic alarms, the system notifies you of potential problems with a battery or its environment – including theft.

Based on this information, you can determine whether operators need to go to the site or if the problem can be solved remotely, get early indications of hardware malfunction, and be informed about environmental and meteorological events that might cause downtime.

Preventive Maintenance & Analytics for Future Design

By collecting and analyzing data, Polarium Fleet Management supports the development of effective and proactive maintenance plans – optimizing logistics and prolonging the operational life of your batteries. This is done by planning for when parts need to be replaced or training operators in advance of specific tasks, such as spare part exchanges on site, for example.

In addition to providing data-driven insights on how to develop your current battery usage, the system analyzes and advises on how to optimize future fleet designs and battery resource allocation based on grid stability and battery capacity usage.

Warranty Monitoring & Lifecycle Integration

Polarium Fleet Management is there for you to feel safe – knowing that your batteries are handled in a way that is compliant with warranty terms and conditions. The system will notify you if conditions change in a way that would breach warranty terms, e.g., through temperature or humidity levels outside the defined range.

To allow you to plan for battery maintenance and replacement, Polarium Fleet Management offers insight into each battery’s health and expected lifetime. Using the system, we can follow the battery from the production line through its life stages, including shipping and, of course, when it has been deployed for service.


Polarium partners with Telenor for cutting-edge connectivity solutions

Polarium is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Telenor Connexion, who will serve as their preferred connectivity provider. This partnership represents a leap forward in advancing Polarium’s energy storage solutions.

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