Polarium partners with Telenor for cutting-edge connectivity solutions

8th November, 2023

Polarium, a leading energy storage developer, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Telenor Connexion, who will serve as their preferred connectivity provider. This partnership represents a leap forward in advancing Polarium’s energy storage solutions.

Through this partnership, Polarium – a leading energy storage developer, will utilize cellular connectivity to offer a set of digital solutions, including fleet management, remote monitoring, anti-theft and tracking services. These solutions aim to reduce the cost of ownership for Polarium’s customers.

Polarium Fleet Management™ allows users to remotely monitor, control, and optimize their entire battery fleet. It offers predictive and preventive management, identifying issues before they disrupt operations, ultimately saving time and resources.

Key benefits for site operators include data-driven insights and advice for battery usage and site optimization, early detection of potential errors leading to efficient troubleshooting, cost reduction through intelligent analytics for battery resource allocation, and assurance of warranty-compliant battery handling.

To combat battery theft, Polarium has developed an intelligent anti-theft system featuring a patent pending locking mechanism and real-time tracking. The partnership with Telenor makes these innovative solutions available for customers.

“We aim to solve our customers’ most challenging issues in the most innovative ways. With Managed Cellular Connectivity, we introduce solutions that streamline operations, reduce cost of ownership and provide anti-theft capabilities. We’re proud to partner with Telenor on this transformation” says Stefan Jansson, founder and CEO of Polarium.

“Polarium’s innovative approach to energy storage aligns with our commitment to providing reliable global IoT services to remote areas” says Paulo Vergos, Chief Sales & Solution Officer at Telenor IoT.

Implementation begins with our current Energy Optimization Systems in Sweden. Polarium anticipates expanding the solution to more geographies, emphasizing the importance of anti-theft features for remote deployments.


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