Bringing energy home: ”Homevolt is smart, quick and ridiculously easy”

8th April, 2024

Peter Wasmuth, VP and Head of Europe at Polarium, exemplifies what is often referred to as ‘living the brand’. As co-founder of a company that drives positive change through better energy storage and optimization, Peter underlines that vision also outside of work, for example having solar panels on the rooftop of his home. A month ago, he took another step in this direction by installing Polarium’s first residential product, with the potential to revolutionize the way we power our homes – Homevolt.

Homevolt is a high-quality consumer energy storage system featuring an integrated inverter that, through connected software, tracks the market electricity prices hourly. This combination makes it an unbeatable home device in terms of smart energy storage and price efficiency. With the assistance of AI technology, the Homevolt battery truly understands your home and helps it become more energy-sufficient. This leads to not only lower electricity bills but also better stability and flexibility for the entire grid.

“There are many benefits to having Homevolt installed. Of course, cutting costs by optimizing energy in relation to the electricity grids is a significant one. But it doesn’t stop there; the system leverages all parts of the energy cycle by making it accessible to support the grid in times of imbalance between production and consumption in the grid – and rewards you for doing so. It’s truly a win-win, for me as a homeowner as well as for the electricity system itself”, says Peter Wasmuth.

In collaboration with the electricity company Tibber, the Homevolt device is transformed into an easy-to-use app experience, allowing homeowners to easily track their energy consumption and ensure it’s used in the most efficient way possible. In essence, it makes sure to charge the battery when electricity prices are low and enables smart usage of energy storage when prices rise, as well as making it accessible for energy trade on the frequency balance market. This results in lower electricity costs and even earnings by offering your stored energy to the grid.

Homevolt is a complete system that might seem advanced, but is quite the opposite when it comes to the consumer experience. The system operates completely automatically and without interruptions, including timing the battery charging for smart and efficient energy use as well as accessing it for frequency market trading. For homeowners, the most crucial task is to request the installation, a process not too complicated either.

“The installation process was incredibly easy. After having the hardware delivered, I booked an appointment with an electrician who came and connected the battery to my house’s electrical central. Then he ensured everything was up and running and that I could track my data through the Tibber app. All in all, the process took no more than 50 minutes,” says Peter Wasmuth.

The possibilities with Homevolt are immense, particularly because it’s highly scalable. For larger, more energy-consuming properties, there are no obstacles to installing more batteries to cater to all consumption needs. The system is designed to be modular and fits well both at small summer homes as well as large villas or estates, making any space more energy efficient.

With its innovative approach to energy management, Homevolt not only represents a step forward in home energy efficiency but also exemplifies how technology can be harnessed to create a more sufficient and cost-effective future. For smarter and more sustainable homes, properties, and entire energy grids.

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