Polarium Anti Theft

An intelligent system with multiple layers of security features

Next Generation Theft Protection

Polarium’s solutions let you focus on your core business – securing capacity while reducing energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions. And you can feel secure, knowing that your batteries are protected by our market-leading anti-theft features.

To deter theft of Polarium batteries, we have developed an intelligent anti-theft system consisting of multiple features that turn uncertainty into predictability.

The cabinet has a unique patent pending locking mechanism that restricts physical access to the batteries. If the system detects a theft, it disables your battery and prevents future unauthorized usage. The embedded tracking device and Edge Connectivity Module allows you to track your battery and help recovery it.

An intelligent system with multiple layers of security features

We believe that a holistic approach is required to truly combat theft. Therefore, the Polarium anti-theft system is built in multiple layers. The three unique features can be used separately or as a full system.


By utilizing Polarium’s unique patent pending locking mechanism, your batteries are harder than ever to steal – yet easy for you to install and manage. With this feature, all batteries are secured using locking modules at the top and bottom of the battery string. The system makes removing the batteries from its rack more difficult and time consuming.


Polarium’s Battery Management System (BMS) uses an internal accelerometer that detects when a battery is tilted or subjected to force – and automatically disables the BMS. As an operator, you simply configure the threshold of how much tilting or disturbance the battery should allow before activating the anti-theft functionality. And of course, you can easily enable the battery after recovery by simply connecting it to Polarium Studio. Ideally, this feature is integrated into a site gateway to enable remote operations.


In case of theft, each battery shares its real-time position with you (the operator), your recovery team and law enforcement. The system monitors the device and triggers a theft alarm if it’s moved outside a predefined geographical area and then activates tracking by utilizing global cellular networks and geofencing technologies. This feature is enabled by the Polarium Edge Connectivity Module, a device embedded inside the battery that gives you unprecedented control over your batteries in a variety of ways – including tracking.

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