Polarium South Africa achieves 100% renewable energy milestone

7th March, 2024

Polarium South Africa is proud to announce its complete transition to 100% solar-powered operations, a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability and to take climate action.

In June 2023, Polarium South Africa took a step forward by installing a 171kWp Solar PV system. This initiative aligns with Polarium’s goal to transition all global operations to 100% renewable energy sources by 2026, thereby reducing its carbon footprint and embracing environmentally friendly practices across its operations.

“Prior to implementing the PV system, we prioritized features like natural lighting, insulated ceilings, more efficient inverter air-conditioning and energy-efficient LED lighting to first optimize our energy consumption and to reduce waste before installing renewables.” says Etienne Gerber, General Manager of Polarium South Africa

The installation not only meets Polarium’s current energy needs but also positions the company for future growth by utilizing the maximum PV capacity allowed by the City of Cape Town. Polarium has also collaborated with local authorities to secure approval for exporting surplus energy back into the grid, contributing to South Africa’s shift towards cleaner energy sources.

“This agreement is essential for Polarium to claim renewable energy in our greenhouse gas accounting. With this development, we can cover all our energy consumption on-site using renewable energy, setting a precedent for sustainable business practices in the region. We are proud to lead by example and pave the way for others to follow suit by covering all our energy consumption with renewable sources and contributing surplus energy to the grid.” says Erika Sundell, Senior Climate and Sustainability Manager at Polarium

Polarium’s commitment to renewable energy is crucial in a country where coal dominates power generation. By diversifying the energy mix and reducing carbon emissions, Polarium’s solar-powered operations play a vital role in supporting South Africa’s climate goals.

As South Africa aims for net-zero emissions by 2050, Polarium remains steadfast in its support of the country’s climate objectives and to drive positive change in the energy sector.

This milestone follows Polarium Vietnam’s recent achievement, where we became the very first in DEEP C Industrial Park, Hai Phong, Vietnam, to power an entire facility with 100 % renewable energy in September 2023.


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