Polarium marks safety milestone as energy storage system passes UL9540A requirements

2nd June, 2023

Polarium has passed a significant milestone in ensuring the safety of its energy storage system by successfully completing UL 9540A unit-level testing.

Safety is a major priority for Polarium, and our products are designed to meet stringent safety and quality standards. UL9540A involves immersive testing of the fire safety hazards associated with propagating thermal runaway within battery systems. 

 UL 9540A provides important data for manufacturers seeking to get their ESS products certified to UL 9540 and for their engineers and product developers to verify the effectiveness of the product’s protection against critical hazards like fire. 

 There are four stages in the UL9540A test method: 

  • Cell testing – Cells are tested for flammability, whether they can exhibit thermal runaway, and the composition of gasses released. 
  • Module testing – Groups or “modules” of cells are tested for the ability of thermal runaway to propagate from one cell to others, as well as to outside the module. 
  • Unit testing – The potential of fire to spread from unit to unit is analyzed, as is the rate of heat release and the composition of gas to determine the potential for an explosion. 
  • Installation testing – The final stage tests unit-to-unit fire propagation in a closed room with fire mitigation equipment. 

 “Safety is always our first priority, and the results from the tests speak for themselves. Our new, patent-pending, protection system is likely to be one of the best, if not the best in the market,” comments Ulf Krohn, VP Research and Development, Polarium.  

 Polarium’s achievements and test results in the UL9540A strengthen Polarium’s position as a leader in the development of safe, high-quality battery systems. 

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