Polarium in new research project to improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries

30th September, 2021

As the global market for lithium-ion batteries continues to grow rapidly, the manufacturing technology is continuously developed. The EMPIRE project investigates how welded joints on lithium-ion batteries can be further developed to create the strong and sustainable batteries of the future.

The EMPIRE project is focused on developing lithium-ion batteries and busbar weldability for electrical vehicles, with better material properties, improved longevity and higher reliability. The project is carried out by University West, Sweden, in close collaboration with the Swerim research institute, with Polarium, Scania, Gränges, Materion Corporation and Trumpf Maskin as industrial partners.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this project and to help accelerate the development of lithium-ion batteries. With the right material selection, welded joint configuration and welding processes, we hope to make the lithium-ion batteries of the future even stronger and more sustainable than the ones of today,” says Tobias Söderlund, Chief Product Officer at Polarium.

The quality of the welded joints between the various components (cell terminals and busbars) on a lithium-ion battery plays a very important role in the performance of the battery. If the quality of the welds are insufficient, several serious concerns can arise.

By focusing on the material composition of the welded joint and their properties, the project aims to develop concepts and solutions that can increase the ductility of the welds and thus the quality of the joint. The team will investigate which type of laser joining process gives the best results.

“As electric vehicles become more common and the technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, there is a need to improve joining on lithium-ion batteries. The batteries need to be more long-lasting, and we need to reduce the risk of damage,” says Paul Kah, Project Manager and Professor of Welding Technology at the Department of Engineering Science at University West. 

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