Polarium Boosts Homevolt Production in Stockholm with the launch of a new site – Polarium X2

23rd April, 2024

Polarium, a leading provider of energy storage solutions, is proud to announce the expansion of its local production in Stockholm with its new site, Polarium X2. Polarium X2 will focus on manufacturing Homevolt, a smart and user-friendly consumer battery developed in collaboration with digital electricity company Tibber.


Homevolt is a high-quality consumer battery from Polarium, with all the brains from Tibber’s connected software that follows the market electricity prices hour by hour.

With the launch of Polarium X2, Polarium is making it possible to produce even more Homevolt units, supporting more homes to access smart energy solutions. Located in Tomteboda, Stockholm, Polarium X2 is equipped with cutting-edge facilities to ramp up Homevolt production. By increasing Homevolt production capacity, Polarium aims to meet the rising demand for innovative energy options in households.

Additionally, Polarium X2 offers the potential for future expansion into other types of battery production, encompassing Polarium’s entire value chain in-house in Sweden. Polarium X2 will complement the already existing technology center Polarium X in Tomteboda and existing Polarium production sites in Mexico, South Africa and Vietnam.

“We’re excited to see Polarium expanding the production in Stockholm. By collaborating on Homevolt together with Polarium, we’re excited to see innovation take place locally and look forward to supporting more households in embracing smart energy solutions”, says Edgeir Aksnes, CEO at Tibber.

“We take great pride in the fact that all design and development work for Polarium’s portfolio happens right here in Sweden. Having production within walking distance of our Stockholm HQ adds to the cool factor. Polarium was founded on the belief of making energy storage safer, smarter, and more sustainable. With Polarium X2, we’re accelerating this mission, ensuring we can keep offering the best energy solutions today and tomorrow”, says Stefan Jansson, CEO of Polarium.

Homevolt is available for purchase through our distributors, Tibber and Svea Solar, enabling consumers to access the benefits of smart energy management.


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