Polarium and AstaZero Announce Collaboration to Develop Speed Charging for Electric Vehicles

16th November, 2021

The two companies will collaborate in developing energy storage solutions for efficient charging of heavy electric vehicles.

The current infrastructure for charging electric vehicles (EVs) is too sparse, especially for heavy EVs in need of speed charging. Polarium and AstaZero will use AstaZero’s test site to enable research, testing and development of solutions that can be scaled to accelerate the broader adoption of speed charging for EVs.

“Constantly striving to develop the proving ground for new purposes such as new charging solutions, respecting the environment and keeping a sustainable mindset characterizes all AstaZero’s work. Collaborating with Polarium enables us to go beyond vehicle testing also making it possible to test and develop new charging solutions. This is important not only to enable for higher speed charging, but also research and development of cost-effective grid solutions and energy supply solutions for sites such as harbors,” says Peter Janevik, CEO at AstaZero.

Energy storage solutions will play a key role in the development of EV charging infrastructure, while lowering electricity consumption and costs through energy optimization. In the long term, the use of energy storage will also enable EV charging infrastructure operators to aggregate capacities of distributed energy resources, including solar power, for power generation. This will allow them to help stabilize the grid and generate new revenue streams.

“AstaZero’s unique test site is the leading test bed for the mobility systems of the future. Our collaboration is a fantastic opportunity to test new kinds of speed charging to meet demand and further accelerate the mainstream adoption of heavy electric vehicles. Our long-term goal is to develop flexible and scalable electric vehicle charging solutions that can help sustain the growth of electric vehicle adoption,” says Maha Bouzeid, Head of Business Development at Polarium.

Polarium and AstaZero expect to start testing on site during the first quarter of 2022.

About Polarium
Polarium is a Swedish company dedicated to providing the best performing, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions built on lithium-ion technology. The company was founded in 2015 based on the idea of how energy storage could empower a smart and sustainable world. Polarium’s headquarters and R&D center are situated in Sweden and the manufacturing in Mexico and Vietnam. Through its global sales channels and representation in the US, South Africa, Sweden, UK, New Zealand and Indonesia, Polarium serves customers worldwide. Today, our market-leading solutions are in use on all continents and in all climate zones – from the Equator to the Arctic – ensuring that the flow of energy never stops, while enabling our customers to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

About AstaZero
AstaZero is the leading test facility for the future autonomous transport system. Based in Hällered outside Borås, Sweden and with owners such as RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Chalmers University of Technology, AstaZero is uniquely positioned to take an active role in the transformation of society. The test facility provides unique opportunities needed for research, development and validation of self-driving and connected vehicles as well as the surrounding infrastructure. AstaZero was inaugurated in 2014. Industrial partners who make frequent use of the facility include Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, Scania and Veoneer. AstaZero also has several international customers as well as research projects funded by Vinnova Horizon 2020 and the Swedish Transport Administration amongst others. Turnover has more than doubled since 2015 and currently amounts to approximately SEK 110 million.

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