Beware of Recruitment Fraud

17th January, 2023

The Polarium name and brand has been used in recruitment frauds, where scammers offer false job opportunities to obtain personal information and payments. Polarium takes this matter very seriously.

It has come to our attention that the Polarium name and brand has been used in frauds where scammers offer false jobs through online services to obtain personal information and payments.

In recruitment processes, Polarium will only use official Polarium channels (including “”-email addresses) and never ask for any form of payments or cost coverage.

Warning signs of possible recruitment fraud

  • Email correspondence appears to be sent from an officer or senior executive of Polarium, from a free web-based email account or from e-mail accounts such as “”. If the email address doesn’t end with “” it is not legitimate.
  • There is an early request to complete recruitment documents or provide other forms of personal information such as address details, date of birth, CV, passport details or bank details. In the recruitment documents the Polarium name and logo can be featured without authority.
  • You are asked to cover costs or make some sort of payment.
  • The perpetrators want to have contact through online platforms, such as Telegram or WhatsApp, instead of official company phone numbers or email addresses.
  • There is an insistence on urgency.

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