Enabling you to power the unpowered

Local and Resilient Power Supply for All

We believe that clean, reliable energy should be available to everyone – and our advanced microgrids help reduce energy costs and improve the quality of supply for communities and companies that need it most. Microgrids enable you to take control of your energy supply and benefit from greater energy independence, as well as significantly reduce fossil fuel reliance. Our turn-key solutions are customized to your needs. We combine renewable energy and conventional generation with advanced battery storage solutions based on lithium technology, intelligent microgrid controllers, and a management platform that optimizes energy consumption.

What Microgrid Enables

Polarium provides modular energy storage solutions. Our lithium technology microgrids puts you in control, enabling you to disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously. As the grid is aging and energy demand is increasing globally, we are likely to see more main power outages in the near future. Microgrids are a very efficient solution to ensure energy reliability and to power the unpowered, in remote places without main grid connection.

  • Powering the unpowered

    Power the unpowered by deploying Polarium’s modular and scalable energy storage solutions to areas where grid connectivity does not exist.

  • Resiliency

    Renewable energy and energy storage enable the construction of grids that are unaffected by main power grid outages. With Polarium’s resilient microgrid solutions, your facility can run independently, in an “islanded mode”, allowing you to focus on running your business.

  • Demand optimization

    By using innovative technology and smart systems, your energy storage solution reduces power consumption from the grid during high-demand periods. Commercial and industrial facilities can participate in demand response programs and earn incentives from your power provider.

  • Maximize solar

    Not all renewable energy from the sun is used. Today, most solar energy can only be used while the sun is out – when it is produced. Combining energy storage with solar allows you to store energy when it is produced and use when it is needed.
    Polarium’s solar energy storage solutions allow you and your business to increase utilization of renewable energy even during grid outages. Power outages are quite common and often lead to increased costs, due to downtime and production loss.

  • Time of use management

    We enable maximum financial benefit from our Solar + Storage solutions with multiple tariffs including demand charges, consumption charges, and various time-of-use-based structures. Through intelligent charge and discharge cycling and integrated solar monitoring, these solutions enable your facilities to maximize profitability.

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Why Polarium?

Polarium offers the best performing, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions, based on lithium batteries. We are active in the telecom, commercial and industrial segments and our solutions are already operational on all continents.

We turn uncertainty into predictability as well as reduce costs and environmental impact. And together with our customers, we identify new opportunities to turn energy storage into a revenue generator.

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