Enabling optimized utilization of your telecom site.

Optimize Energy Use on Your Telecom Site

No matter what site or energy sources you are using, Polarium’s advanced modular technology is flexible and made easy to use. Connect our hybrid solution directly to your on-site energy source and in a few simple steps you are good to go. Our lithium batteries have high energy density and are of superior quality, meaning longer service life up to 6000 charge and discharge cycles.

By integrating Polarium’s hybrid solution to on-site solar panels, you can use energy from the sun to keep your network running on green energy at night. Or you can use it to reduce your dependency on fossil fuel if the power grid fails. Our solutions let you focus on your core business and save money – helping to save our planet at the same time.

What Hybrid Enables

Most backup batteries are used limited time during its life. With Polarium’s telecom batteries you can also cover peak loads or periodic brownouts for optimized utilization of your asset. Our game-changing patented technology give you full control and help you save money whilst cutting carbon emissions.

  • Maximize renewables

    Our energy storage solutions allow you and your business to increase the utilization of renewable energy. Today, most solar and wind energy can only be used when it is produced, not when it is needed the most. Combining energy storage with solar or wind allows you to store the energy and use it when it is needed, no matter the weather or time of day.

  • Peak shaving

    With intelligent on-site lithium battery storage, the batteries charge whenever electricity rates are at their lowest and discharge during the most expensive times of the day, to avoid paying peak prices. It allows you to save money without disrupting the normal operations and the smart solution runs automatically, so you do not have to worry.

  • Reliable power

    Our lithium batteries have exceptional calendar and cycle life, often exceeding life expectancy of the telecom equipment it serves. The batteries stand even the toughest environments and we have a proven track record with installations in extreme conditions all across the globe, from the equator to the Arctic.

  • Reduced emissions

    Using our lithium batteries as back up, cycling them as part of a hybrid system or to actively shave the energy peaks, are all solutions contributing to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. As a part of a circular sustainable future-proof solution, our batteries are fully recyclable and we meet all the RoHS, WEEE and REACH requirements.

  • Remote management

    Thanks to the embedded intelligence in the lithium batteries, you will always know the state of charge and health. Our remote management integrations make our batteries maintenance free and our flexible interfaces make them easy to integrate, enabling you to have full control of your power back up battery solution.

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Our lithium-powered telecom backup and hybrid solutions enable you to focus on your core business, while also saving money and the planet. And people can stay connected and communicate hassle-free.

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Why Polarium?

Polarium offers the best performing, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions, based on lithium batteries. We are active in the telecom, commercial and industrial segments and our solutions are already operational on all continents.

We turn uncertainty into predictability as well as reduce costs and environmental impact. And together with our customers, we identify new opportunities to turn energy storage into a revenue generator.

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