Enabling smart and sustainable industries, whilst reducing energy costs.

Perfect Power Reliability Made Simple

Our intelligent lithium-powered industrial energy storage gives you control over grid power use. It enables you reduce operating costs and optimize energy usage when needed the most. In the event of power outages, reliable backups prevent costly and potentially dangerous situations in industry production.

Pairing industrial energy storage solutions with renewable sources such as solar or wind allows you to maximize sustainable production and store excess green energy when it is produced. A game-changer for the industries and ultimately for the environment. Secure a first-mover advantage and stay ahead of your competitors.

The industrial sector uses more delivered energy than any other end-use sector, consuming about half of the world’s total delivered energy. The production and assembly processes are highly energy demanding due to process heating and cooling as well as lighting, heating and air conditioning of large buildings. With high demand costs, industrial facilities are prime candidates for energy storage to reduce demand, improve power factor, and reduce operating costs.

Manufacturers are facing higher energy costs in the near future, as new decarbonized industry standards and government demands are set. In a competitive industry, manufacturers ultimately pass through the full cost increase to suppliers and end-customers. Energy storage solutions let you balance the supply and demand of electricity without having to compromise on process, product or the end-customer’s price.

Energy Storage - the Missing Link in the Renewable Energy System

Energy Storage - the Missing Link in the Renewable Energy System

Things that previously seemed to be out of reach – having endless energy, accomplishing the Paris agreement and letting energy be both cheap and green simultaneously – are now possible.

Energy storage / Insights

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Optimize your operations and reduce your energy bill with Polarium’s industrial energy storage solutions.

Industrial Solutions

Standalone storage

Polarium’s standalone energy storage provides an effective behind-the-meter storage solution that enables a safer and more reliable flow of power.

Modular / Peak shaving / Energy storage


EV charging

Our highly customizable energy storage solutions improve grid reliability, facilitate the deployment of clean energy, and help power a new generation of electric transportation.

Modular / Electric vehicle fleet / Renewable energy


Solar + storage

The challenge with renewable energy is that it might not be produced when it is most needed. Energy storage is the missing link to the renewable energy conundrum.

Renewable energy / Sustainable / Energy storage



Microgrids enable you to take control of your energy supply and benefit from greater energy independence, as well as significantly reduce fossil fuel reliance.

Backup / Sustainable / Endless Energy


Our Technology

Our lithium-powered energy storage solutions enable you to minimize the risk of costly interruptions to your busy schedules, while reducing CO2-emissions and energy costs at the same time. Polarium’s modular battery solutions allow you to adapt to your evolving needs and provide safe and sustainable energy.

By leveraging on our deep expertise from the telecom sector and lithium batteries, as well as our flexible product configurations, we are positioned to transform the energy use of your asset. Polarium’s products are of superior quality and will stand the test of time.

  • Safe

    Our first priority is, and will always be, safety. All our products are designed with your safety in mind - thoroughly verified and certified for safe operation. We have a completely redundant safety system in the BMS, including electronically controlled circuit breakers, thorough control in the design and manufacturing of every system component to ensure safe operation. We also have advanced solutions for propagation prevention. The battery is protected during transportation, installation and use, even in the toughest conditions. Polarium is safe every step of the way.

  • Simple

    In a few simple steps you are good to go. Advanced technology made super easy to use, allowing you control without obstacles. Easy installation and zero maintenance – just connect the cables and turn on power. Our products are plug-and-play compatible with existing power systems thanks to our patented charge control function. Configuration and testing are automatic. Polarium’s solutions are designed to support a wide range of deployment configurations and integration partners, with both low and high voltage battery systems.

  • Strong

    We have installations in more than 70 countries, from the equator to the Arctic. Our products are strong, robust and of superior quality with a guarantee to provide a long-lasting life. They just keep working, even in the most extreme conditions and environments. The robust design includes optional ingress protection of the electronics. A wide range of lithium cell chemistries targeting different site conditions make our offering stronger than any other alternative in the market.

  • Smart

    Thanks to the embedded intelligence of the lithium batteries, you will always know the state of charge (available capacity in real time) and the state of health (available life for optimal planning and usage). With a remote management system, the lithium power backup solution is maintenance free and you are in full control. You can also manage your on-site climate control system based on the internal temperature of the lithium battery or you can choose to shut down non-prioritized loads. All in all, with the smart information already embedded in the lithium battery you can gain control, plan better, save cost, and reduce the environmental impact.

  • Secure

    You can feel secure, knowing that your Polarium solution is protected. Lead-acid batteries are stolen in many parts of the world due to scrap metal value, private usage, or re-sale back into the market. With Polarium’s lithium battery modules, the first two reasons for theft are eliminated. To address the last issue, we have developed multiple anti-theft features for our batteries, which completely prevents discharge of the battery module if removed from the installation. In addition, the batteries are prepared for our optional GPS tracker and marking alternatives, for recovery in case of theft.

  • Sustainable

    Polarium’s lithium batteries are fully recyclable and meet all the RoHS, WEEE and REACH requirements. Also, the energy turn-around losses are only a few percentages, which is superior compared to other lithium batteries (normally up to 5%) and lead-acid (normally up to 30%). Every solution and product are made to have an extraordinary long lifetime and designed to stand the test of time. Our low carbon manufacturing and installation, efficient operation and the fact that our products are recyclable – all contributes to a circular business model.

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Our lithium-powered telecom backup and hybrid solutions enable you to focus on your core business, while also saving money and the planet. And people can stay connected and communicate hassle-free.

Backup / Communication / Sustainable

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Our modular energy storage solutions minimize the risk of costly interruptions to your customers’ busy schedules, while reducing your energy cost and environmental footprint at the same time.

Hotels / Buildings / Hospitals / Energy storage

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