Fully Integrated Backup System

The bar is set higher than ever for telecom companies to satisfy their customers.

Battery and Power

Our Battery & Power solution is a fully integrated telecom backup system for installation anywhere, on a pole, on a wall, or on a tower. The Battery & Power product family comes in different power ranges and battery autonomy. The units are fully equipped and easy to buy, install and own, and require no on-site maintenance. With a remote management system, you can manage, analyze, and optimize your network availability. The Battery & Power will last more than 15 years, often longer than the radio equipment itself.

With a growing number of people and devices in the world, the bar is set higher than ever for telecom companies to satisfy their customers. Our escalating use of internet via mobile devices is driving the need for a dramatic capacity increase with 5G radio base stations. Small city center sites will be in every block. Connected devices as part of Internet of Things demands constant availability. Operators are facing challenges with visual pollution, network availability and maintenance. Smart power back-up is crucial. Always. That’s why we created Battery & Power.

Battery & Power is a fully integrated system with power conversion and charger, lithium battery, LVD, BMS, and smart distribution in an IP65 enclosure. The unit is highly energy efficient and is recyclable at end of life, a truly sustainable solution.

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